About Us

This website is supported by the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee (HCDC) of New Hampshire and administered by that committee’s volunteer internet team. It is not controlled by the New Hampshire Democratic Party (NHDP), but the individuals responsible are active members of the party.

We will provide links only to committees and candidates associated with the Democratic Party.

Various Democratic Committees and Candidates from Hillsborough County will have Sub-domain Websites attached to this website’s Domain Name. These will not be considered part of this website, and this website will not be responsible for the content on those websites.

We are not funded by the campaign of any candidate for office. The activity of this website related to the campaign of any candidate is limited to providing a link to their website or other media site free of charge.

Donations to support this website can be made to the Hillsborough County (NH) Democratic Committee. These will not be tax deductible. To donate visit HillsboroughDems.org and go to the “Donate” page.